Inside one tool magazine in BW-machining centres.

How can this be put into practice?

BW is the leading market supplier of large tool magazines. However, almost 800 tools were also a challenge for BW.

Based on former tool magazines with 608 tools, the BW-engineers extended the development as follows:

  • Increase of the tool carriers including load tests regarding load capacity, tilting- and bending stiffness.
  • Increase and strengthening of the rack operating panel. 
  • Adaption of the constructive mechanical components and the software for the tool magazine.

This advanced development was based on a customer’s requirement.A larger tool magazine for the operation of a large machining centre within a pallet high rack system was needed. The target was to process a large number of different families of parts in different clamping processes with a high amount of tool changing but within one manufacturing network. Furthermore, a 3-shift production of the system is planned, whereas one shift in unmanned operation.

The new large-sized tool storage is the base for further optimisation in the production process and the minimisation of downtimes of the machining centre due to following factors:

  • Missing tools or expired tool life.
  • Boring breakage or other tool-side reasons.