Network Aerospace visits BURKHARDT+WEBER.

Experts of the working group „Supply Chain“ at BW.

The Aerospace industry is a very important branch and economic driver worldwide as it combines several advanced technologies of our information age. This is also what the experts of the forum Baden-Württemberg e.V. (LR BW) are convinced of.

Thus we welcomed roughly 20 experts of the working group „Supply Chain Management“ at our company site in Reutlingen. During the all-day event the group discussed the latest topics and enourmos potentials of the aerospace industry as well as upcoming trends. The day ended with a company tour at the BW site where we could impressively demonstrate to machine titanium structural and compact components fort he aerospace industry in a cost-effective way.

Benno Speer, chairman of the forum, highlights the relevance of such events: „Regular meetings of this working group are a good opportunity to strenghten the network of the participating companies, to get new impulses and to work on joint issues. The best results are achieved when this is done in a comfortable surrounding at the site of one of the LR BW member companies We are very happy that we found with BW an active member and that they opened the door for us on October 5th.