The busy bees from BW.

Two bee colonies have their home at the BW company site.

Sustainability – environmental Awareness – ecological footprint, all these are topics that are much talked about these days.

That BW has a strong interest in sustainability is now proven by our own BW-bees. Since April 2017 two bee colonies are living on the BW company site that are belonging to the beekeeping „BienenElfe“ (translation: bee elf). And the first result is remarkable: 80 glasses of very aromatic and dark honey have been harvested at the end of August. Thus, the bees do not only sweeten the breakfast of some of our customers and employees but also give us proof of a very healthy environment all around the company site in Reutlingen as it is free of pollutants.

Bees are essential for a world with a vivid biodiversity. We - at BW- are very proud to help to support this and contribute to a colourful and diverse cultural landscape. By the way: Our two queen bees are named after the company founders, Louisa I. and Johanna I.