Slots of a diameter of 650 mm insert the side milling cutters into titanium parts.

In close collaboration with their sales partner GEO Kingsburgy from the UK, BW developed a production process for the insertion of slots into the demanding chipping of titanium material. The robust MCR-series provides a solid basis for this purpose. On the one hand, the powerful HVC-head provides a sufficient torque in the lower speed range for challenging rough-machining and on the other hand, it provides the necessary dynamics for a 5-axis-simultaneous finish-machining which the forged, high-strength and demanding chipping of the material involves.

The side milling cutters are held in the custom-developed „support arbor“, and can be changed by a separate, fully automatic pick-up station. The stronger BW-typical 4-point-clamping is the perfect interface to load big machining forces. The well-dimensioned box ways of the MCR-series enable sufficient stability for the process, micro-vibrations are avoided. This results to a positive tool life as well to quality in machining.