BURKHARDT+WEBER machines at industrial museum in Reutlingen

BW machines down the years

In 2018 BW celebrates its 130th anniversary. Today the company is well-known for its high-quality and individual machining centers but 1888 the history began with the production of overlock sewing machines and shotguns, followed by boring machines, cold circular saws, milling machines and some more.

To maintain this part of precious history some active and retired BW-colleagues are part of the Reutlinger Industrial Museum that represents machines from the local area which display the industrial history of Reutlingen. Not only you can visit historical sewing machines but also the very first and original MT3-machining head of the first numerically controll unit, developed at BURKHARDT+WEBER together with the Howard Hughes Group, which is carefully restored.  BW  is togehter with several other renowend companies part of the sponsoring association of the museum and supports it by providing spare parts.

Do you want to step back in time? Then enjoy the visit in Reutlingen´s  industrial museum and discover part of the BURKHARDT+WEBER history.

Find out more at: www.reutlingen.de/industriemagazin