BW's new HVC unit

Our MCC 800 HVC - featuring a 5-axis tilting head

MCC 800 HVC - Welcome to the high-performance league of 5-axis heavy-duty chippers

In response to a customer request, BURKHARDT+WEBER was once again successful in proving that "customized" is more than just an empty phrase. In fact, the new configuration of the MCC, which now comes in a new version with a 5-axis tilting head, adds another option to the modular system in the range of 5-axis machines. With this, the MCC now joins the high-performance league of 5-axis heavy-duty chippers.


The New Generation Tilting Head

During the development of the MCC with a HVC-unit, the entire tilting head was revised and downsized. The result is that the unit is now integrated into a compact machine such as the MCC 800. We created a product capable of adopting the advantages of all existing components. On a mid- and long-term time scale, this redesigned HVC-unit will be integrated into our other machine series.

In a talk with BW designer Andreas Fasold-Schmid, he explains all the design modifications that were needed and the added value they offer. In response to the question as to which he sees as the most disruptive change, the long-experienced BW-designer replies: The entire tool clamping component group has now become significantly more robust and even less sensitive to failures. One approach was the rotary feedthrough, as the number of media to be transferred could be reduced, which consequently reduces the risk of failures. In addition, the component assembly has been topologically optimized for maximum machine dynamics with increased stiffness. All these aspects enabled reducing the heat input into the tilting head, resulting in increased machine accuracy.


2-step gear unit made by BW

An extremely effective improvement is evident by changing a planetary gear to a compact 2-step gear unit made by BW. This modification includes several positive aspects, such as a significant improvement in dynamics and a substantial reduction in noise emission achieved by a new alignment of the toothed gears. Making the entire gear unit much more user-friendly.


New lubrication concept

In addition, the lubrication concept for the bearings and gears have been changed and can now be operated on a minimum oil lubrication level. The advantage? Reduced oil extraction, less splash and squeeze losses and increased machine accuracy.

The clearly reduced oil quantity is not the only economically interesting fact. As a result, the number of suction pumps could be reduced to a minimum. And this is what enabled us to integrate the HVC-unit into our compact MCC 800 machine.

The performance data impressively prove that the next generation HVC-head has nothing to do with a toy. The tilting head scores at all levels featuring 56kW drive power, 2.000Nm torque, 8.000 rotations and a retention torque of 6.500Nm when clamped and 2.000Nm feed capacity in the position control system.

Established, well-proven functions and components such as the solid measuring system of the HVC-axis, the sizeable YRT-bearing for maximum stiffness and the same range of additional options, like the additional support or hydraulic clamping for special tools, as well as the large facing head unit, remain available.


Overview of benefits:

+ Increased service flexibilty

+ Minimised error rate

+ User-friendly improvements

+ Greater tool clamping stability