BW and ROMI - a well-rehearsed team.

October was all about the future at ROMI and BW, because "What you sow, you will reap" - and that's why the golden autumn was used to symbolically plant a little piece of the future. For 9 years now, ROMI and BW have been a well-coordinated team that complements each other perfectly. This was most recently demonstrated during the sweaty tree planting campaign, in which the management teams from BW and ROMI lent a hand. João Inacio, General Manager of ROMI Europa GmbH, who even temporarily moved his residence from Brazil to Germany for 7 years and is a particularly strong link between the two companies, can meanwhile proudly claim that his work has borne fruit - and we now hope the same for the joint apple tree. And not only the employees should enjoy their own apple juice, cake or other treats in the future, but also the BW bees, which have their home in the immediate vicinity, will benefit from the new food source.