Hanover, Germany,

Our review, voices and trend themes at EMO 2019.

On display at the EMO 2019 - Living our brand.

Where the standard product limits the progress, a more customized BURKHARDT+WEBER begins. This slogan is especially well represented by the machine on display at the Reutlingen-based engineering company at this year’s EMO. Two years ago, BUKRHARDT+WEBER (BW) presented an unusually small machine by its own standards to demonstrate the small end of its machining expertise. At EMO 2019, BW once again displays a uniquely equipped, large machining center.  A perfect example to prove what BW does best – deliver strong, individualized, large machining center solutions, adapted to best fit a customer’s need for more.

This best fit solution, highly flexible and with top productivity is the result of a team effort. Together with EMOD Motoren GmbH it was born during a brain storming session while tossing ideas on a white board at BURKHARDT+WEBER. As it turns out, this solution is the ideal representation of the benefits from customizing - the perfect match for this year's EMO. This long-standing BURKHARDT+WEBER customer needed a machining solution, fit for small batches while capable to fully automatically handle extra-long and extra-heavy tools for large boring diameters. Universal, flexible and a custom fit for the wide-ranging part mix. At the same time tough to machine dimensional and positional tolerances need to be held for finishing EMOD’s electric motor housings. – At first glance, a vertical turning machine seemed to be the best fit. Boring depths of up to 1100 mm (43.3 in) for diameters up to 680 mm (36.8 in) are the norm, and tools for these machining tasks then quickly bring over 75 kg (165 lb) on the scale.

The resulting BURKHARDT+WEBER solution for EMOD is on display - a customized MCX 900. The powerful, horizontal MCX machining center features a pick-up station for even more flexibility and higher productivity, besides other options. – a best fit that delivers more. While visiting the BURKHARDT+WEBER booth at the EMO, you can see for yourself and get an overall picture of the ingenious products of this German-based technology partner. Today BURKHARDT+WEBER is more than just a machine tool manufacturer. Today, more is needed than steel and iron, especially when the machining of large parts is the task. Large machining centers, which often are a significant and strategic investment, are important projects and not just  a machine investment, but rather a holistic, forward-looking approach, which are best worked out as a team, to create our offer as a complete system supplier. Many topics such as process optimization, integrated manufacturing and, of course, digitization require a close look." says Michael Wiedmaier, Sales Manager at BW.

In addition to the MCX900 on display, the “HoloLens” is again a major topic at the BURKHRDT+WEBER booth. Introduced in 2018 as a pilot project and a vision for the future, towards better technologies for guided maintenance. By using the mixed reality glasses, this idea has since gained a lot of interest. The vision becomes a finished product in 2019 - with live call and document management as the first concrete applications. "In order to get the best possible impression of BURKHARDT+WEBER’s “HoloLens” project, learn from the results of two years in house testing.  We were able to prove the added value created. Repair technicians can simultaneously work with both hands while wirelessly sharing their live views - learning and performing at the same time. And four eyes can easily see more than two. Complex error conditions were solved by rather inexperienced machine operators and language barriers were bridged more easily. - These are just a few of the many advantages that we were able to discover, "reports Hans-Jörg Hommel, Service Manager at BW. The “HoloLens” is therefore also part of the new BW Service Center, which went live on June 1, 2019, and this fits in perfectly with our philosophy "More time. More service.