Precision meets large format.

Maximum dampening with maximum dynamics, coupled with a powerful swivel head. These are the basic requirements for cost-effective machining of titanium structural and compact components for the aerospace industry. The powerful water-cooled 42 kW drive with 1,600 Nm takes account of the increasing torque requirements for heavy roughing operations. With 6,500 Nm holding torque, the HVC head is the tried-and-tested key to effective simultaneous 5-axis machining.

All of our different machine series, such as MCX, MCR or MCT are suitable for any work piece as we design your machine individually. The focus is on the component size and accuracy, which are the most important factors.

We have developed the compact MCC series for smaller components (pallet size 630x630 mm).

After a detailed technical analysis, we will select the best combination of product and machining technology based on our established modular system to meet your specific requirements.