Far away and yet so close - when big distances become very small.

BW-VIEW - Smarter Service including Live-Call & Document-Management


+ Live stream mixed reality video conferencing session for the reliable troubleshooting of service cases.

+ Virtual markers inserted into the live video display optimize the support.

+ BW technician sees and hears in office what you see and hear at your machine with immediate feedback, resulting to shorter repair times and less downtime.

+ A secure and encrypted direct connection during the BW-view service is safe with no recording.

+ The technician can use both hands to work in parallel to the live video conference while guided by the BW service experts.

+ Live mediation for problem resolutions minimizes language barriers. It eliminates misunderstandings with fewer repeated inquiries.

+ Even more complex tasks are completed by the customer within a BW-VIEW session and without BW field service ever being on site.


+ A QR code identifies the machine and displays the appropriate documents.

+ Important documents such as data sheets, drawings, assembly instructions or videos can be opened with the integrated app as virtual objects.

+ Selectable and scalable virtual objects can be freely arranged in space by gestures or set to automatically follow the gaze.

+ A canned Help Library with knowledgebased troubleshooting instructions – straightforward, on the spot quickly accessible are saving time in problem solving.

+ An authorization structure regulates the access rights of different users.