BURKHARDT+WEBER stands for extremely-solid, large machining centres

for which hardly any task is too difficult. Where other designs hit their limits

is where the challenge begins for a BURKHARDT+WEBER.


– is how customers describe BURKHARDT+WEBER. A seemingly simple assessment, but one that is as informative as it is multi-layered. Essentially it means one thing above all: sturdy design, use of the best materials, no compromises. BW machines are built for decades of production service in challenging conditions.

Based on the principle of "strong mechanical design instead of electronic compensation", the machining centres are able to guarantee maximum accuracy and high output for many years, even with continuous machining of demanding materials. A BW can still perform as well after years of service as it does during commissioning.

Machining of expansive and heavy workpieces necessitates a sound and well-conceived machine design. We have decades of experience with large machining centres and the associated machinery. BW working area ergonomics are trendsetting and the tool magazine is world-leading.

Absolutely solid machine engineering from the ground up. All assemblies are designed from the outset very solidly and for continuous operation.
Solid, heavily ribbed machine stands with high torsional stiffness.