Many manufacturers promise utmost quality. In fact, this is essential for long-term success. For BURKHARDT+WEBER, however, quality means more. Three BW employees explain why:

“Our expertise leads to highest quality.

Up-to-date technical knowledge thanks to continuous training, longstanding experience and know-how, carefully selected employees and structural error prevention guarantee highest product quality at BURKHARDT+WEBER. Feedback control systems and the application of state-of-the-art CAD and ERP systems ensure our technical edge. We are open to suggestions from our numerous customers around the world. Improvements and special requests are swiftly implemented. BW machines are manufactured in an environmentally responsible, energy-oriented manner and in accordance with the latest technical standards. That's BW quality.
Michael Wiedmaier, Sales Director

“How do we assure our quality?

A closed quality control loop exists between Service, Design Engineering, and Assembly, which also involves all our suppliers. Extensive endurance tests with logging are obligatory before every machine delivery. Assembly halls and measuring rooms are air-conditioned for precise production. There are separate testing stations with stringent preliminary tests for all components. And naturally we've been ISO 9001 certified for many years now.”
Jens Vohrer, Quality Manager

“If it's at all critical, then we make it ourselves.

Our high degree of vertical integration has proven its value. It provides us with our expertise, it allows us to refine our products continuously and assure consistently high quality. We manufacture our assemblies just in time. “Made by BW” means that all important core components are developed and produced in our factory. In particular, these include: basic components, machining units, machine tables, tool magazines, pallet systems, control cabinets, hydraulic units, jigs and fixtures, special tools and special equipment. This also means that we are capable of guaranteeing active service for all assemblies.”
Horst Schmauder, Head of Design Engineering