Creating products for a better tomorrow.

Industry 4.0, self-driving cars, innovative, ever more powerful electronic devices: they exist from integrating ever more compact, highly complex semiconductor components. They drive today’s rapid continuous advances for a better tomorrow.

To produce these electronic components, highly precise machinery is needed, containing mechanical centerpieces that get their shapes using 5 axis machining. These parts specify volumetric accuracies of less than 10 µm within one cubic meter – for this a controlled environment with stable temperatures and highest cleanliness is needed. Made from a wide range of materials, from aluminum to stainless steel alloys, the components also must be machined effectively and with superior surface finishes. For such machining challenges you want machines like our MCX series: by design very rigid, stable and highly precise – to be exact, our machines are mechanically precise and don’t rely on the help of "software tricks" to meet these needs. With our customized configurations, BW is thus best equipping our customers for meeting the ever-increasing precision from the semiconductor industries. For this we are also prepared to conquer new limits in CNC machining.

Pure stability and extreme accuracy - especially when performing multi-axis movements - and the flexibility of our 5-axis designs, BW machines deliver the best, sustainable solution for today’s and tomorrow’s machining tasks of the semiconductor industries. Our goal is to enable our customers to design products for the future, products which can even grow beyond our today’s imagination - because our BW solutions far exceed what can be found in today’s standardization books.

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