Much of what you pay highly for from other companies serving the market comes as standard with BW machines.


Even in their standard versions, every machining centre is equipped with the energy efficiency package developed by BW. Through installation of energy-optimised components and operating processes, energy consumption is reduced by up to 15%, depending on the application.


Each BW machining centre has a large operator platform, wide access from the platform to the accessible working area with no steps, a large 24" pivoting, height adjustable touchscreen, a pull-out writing surface, four integrated drawers and a locker.


In the standard version, coolant is automatically circulated even when the machine is switched off. Tools can be thoroughly cleaned automatically over the weekend when this option is selected.


Generously dimensioned ceiling shower that directs the chip load shortly before the pallet ejectors into the two chip conveyors. Cabin corners of larger machines are rinsed out. Inclined surfaces are rinsed off, lateral double rinsing in the Z plane – this all ensures a clean working area. Inclined roof panel over the operator's entry area to prevent dripping water. Optional spray gun with automatic retractor.


The open maintenance concept of BW: Everything is easy to check visually – no doors, grates, or the like. Location of the hydraulics and pneumatics at a single maintenance point, ergonomic filling heights, automatic approach to maintenance positions, accessible cabin ceilings for easy replacement of Flattec technology lighting (simply fold up the cartridge, replace, and you're done). Complete maintenance guide with instructions can be opened and edited on the 24" control panel.