Secure Your Machine´s Performance.

Do you want to reduce your BW machine’s wear & tear together with adding to your spindle cut time? 

Then take advantage of our Digital Fingerprint. You get to know your machine’s ins and outs even better by creating this  “authentic MACHINE STATUS”  record.
With the help of the digital fingerprinting you create frequency analysis records which enable us to detect abnormalities in the vibration behavior of the spindle and the machine axis at an early stage.
Your machine’s wear and tear is monitored to prevent unplanned machine damages and failures. 
This comprehensive analysis of your machine specific parameters enables the BW experts to discover in good time deviations to the recorded target data and thus improved process reliability and safety.

Furthermore, these data is enabling us to help you in determining the causes of the problem and plan recommended maintenance and repairs. 
Unplanned machine downtimes are minimized - your machine’s productivity is maximized.
Take advantage of predictive maintenance as part of an annual maintenance.

Request your customized offer to take you into the new age of data-mining, your venture into today’s  “Industry  4.0” benefits.

Our ongoing machine condition assessment is an important first step toward your predictive maintenance benefits. A crucial data base is established to get insights about wear processes from the varying signals of the components.

Thanks to many comparative measurements across our many machine  installations, our BW experts can derive recommendations for recommended maintenance and scheduled repairs at an early stage.

Our BW specialists will review your application with you and then, based on this consulting study create your specific machine’s digital fingerprint. Predictive maintenance is the GOAL  – the ongoing condition assessment of the machine is the first important step into this profitable challenge.


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