The machining centres are equipped with a high-quality 24" multi-touch panel that leaves nothing to be desired. Innovative design, intuitive operation and straightforward user interface make the new panel another highlight of the BURKHARDT+WEBER machines. The pioneering panel allows the operator to quickly locate the desired functions, process parameters and supporting information.

Smart panel:

  • 24“ full HD multi-touch panel.
  • Three independent display areas.
  • Process data monitoring.
  • Camera image.
  • PDF-Viewer.
  • Virtual keyboard.
  • Easy-care, high-quality glass surface.
  • High-quality aluminium housing.
  • Machine control panel.
  • Short-stroke keys with very good tactile feedback.
  • Separate correction switch.
  • Spindle speed.
  • Feed rate.
  • Rapid traversing speed.
  • Keypad for customer-specific additional functions.
  • Pivoted, height-adjustable mounting.


The user interface of the BURKHARDT+WEBER machining centres features innovative, machine-specific operating areas. These impress with their modern design and functionality. Enhanced user-friendliness was the focus of this new development. And this succeeded in impressive fashion through use of modern control elements and additional convenience functions. The intuitively operated areas making it easier for the operator to enter data, plan jobs and control the machine.

  • Intuitive and quick operation.
  • New and innovative display elements.
  • Operator control of machine functions.
  • Linked auxiliary functions.
  • Straightforward navigation.
  • Process monitoring.
  • Favourites list.
  • Search function.
  • Tool management operating area.
  • Easier tool data entry.
  • Graphic support.
  • Automatic determination of the tool type.
  • Data auto-completion.
  • Straightforward and dynamic.
  • Plausibility check.


Supreme precision, efficiency, and sustainability in CNC control technology with the SINUMERIK ONE control system from Siemens.
By making this transition, we are taking a decisive step towards ensuring more accurate and efficient production solutions for the future.Machine tool operators familiar with the technology SINUMERIK 840D sl will instantly feel at home with SINUMERIK ONE.

BURKHARDT+WEBER has placed great emphasis on the importance of keeping the changeover hurdle as low as possible for our end users during this migration of control systems. Although the internal software structures have been adapted to ensure maximum benefit from the new generation of control systems, BW has succeeded in making the control system user-friendly, so that our customers will experience a smooth transition to SINUMERIK ONE. All our machining centers are now also available with the SINUMERIK ONE version.

Our team is at your disposal for detailed advice on the new generation of control units.