Changing of the BURKHARDT+WEBER Managing Director


ROMI, parent company of BURKHARDT+WEBER Fertigungssysteme GmbH (“BW”), BW and Mr. Olaf Furtmeier announce that Mr. Furtmeier will step down as Managing Director (Geschäftsführer) of BW and its affiliates. Mr. Luiz Cassiano Rando Rosolen will take over as interim Managing Director of BW and its affiliates and continue in his role as CEO of ROMI.

ROMI reinforces the long-term commitment to BW and its strategy as a premium supplier of high precision machine tools and customized manufacturing systems.

On behalf of the entire ROMI and BW, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Furtmeier for his services to the company as well as his commitment and great cooperation over the past years.