BW supports regional institution.

In 2018 the machine manufacturer from Reutlingen once again dedicated themselves according to the motto „Donations instead of Gifts”. The company places special emphasis to regional institutions when selecting the annual fundraising project – therefore, this years’ choice was in favour of “Lebenshilfe Reutlingen” (a self-help association for people with intellectual disabilities).

The staff enthusiastically raised funds and the total sum was finally topped-up by the company to a respectable amount of EUR 2.250,00.

In January, the CEO, Olaf Furtmeier visited the “Kaffeehäusle” in Reutlingen and could see how the association performs – the “Kaffeehäusle” is operated by the “Lebenshilfe Reutlingen” providing employment for disabled people. “With this donation the entire team of BURKHARDT+WEBER is delighted to support the “Kaffeehäusle” and other projects of the association, such as the FEDER (family supported service) and the leisure and educational program “BAFF”. We are impressed by the lived approach “it is normal to be different”.

Olaf Furtmeier is convinced that he is not the last BW-member who will be visiting the „Kaffeehäusle“. According to the feedback of his staff, one or the other BW-employee will be enjoying the pleasant atmosphere at the “Kaffeehäusle” and might even escape from our own excellent company canteen now and again.

The need of the donation becomes clear during the conversation with Rosemarie Henes, who is responsible for the sector of open handicapped working. “We will soon need new busses to pick-up and drop-off the disabled kids, teenagers and adults for their activities, holiday camps and excursions. Further, some smaller and bigger procurement for the “Kaffeehäusle” is planned. The donation can also enable to maintain the regular operation of the “Kaffeehäusle” and to finance targeted training measures of voluntary employees.

BURKHARDT+WEBER additionally, support the „ROMI Foundation“ which is a foundation of the Brazilian mother company. As largest machine manufacturer in Brazil, the ROMI company dedicates themselves by means of their company-owned foundation to enable a high-quality education and chances for good prospects to children and teenagers from socially deprived families. In the past, the donations from Germany were used for the purchase of a water treatment system or for school books.