Donations instead of Christmas Gifts.

BW support the ROMI foundation and the association „Sonnenstrahlen e.V.“

Just like in the previous years BURKHARDT+WEBER decides not to give presents to customers but support a social project instead and donate the money for charitable purposes.

Additionally the BW-employees contributed by raising money through several activities such as buying our own BW-honey whose proceeds will be donated completely.

The money supports two projects that matter to us. The first one is the ROMI foundation, founded by Américo Romi and his wife Olímpia Gelli Romi in 1957. The foundation helps children and teenager to get an adequate education and thus improve their perspectives in live. In the last years the money was used to make children happy with sneakers, sweatsuits, water treatment system or a visit to the theaters. Furthermore, we decided to give money to the „Förderverein Sonnenstrahlen e.V.“ that belongs to the hospital in Reutlingen. The association supports children whose parents are suffering from cancer or other serious diseases and help them to better cope with the difficult situation. Art therapy or experiental education such as therapeutic horse riding or baking are measures that bring more ease and hope in the life of these children.