2019 is the year of honeydew.

2017 was the year of silver fur-spruce honey, 2018 provided a summer honey and 2019 is the year of honeydew. The weather conditions put the bees to test in 2019. From a bee’s point of view, spring time was dropped out, the month of February was warm and dry, however a very short period of fruity blossoms disposing little nectar and followed by a cold and wet month of May. This virtually did not provide much nutrition for bees the little collecting of nectar was needed for their own feeding. Only from June on, they had sufficient nourishment. Many trees, mainly lime trees, but also maple trees were full of lice. The bees licked up the sweet juices of the honeydew producers. Therefore it’s not surprising that the BW-honey 2019 is a honeydew edition belonging to the family of leaf honey. The characteristic of this year’s honey is liquid with a spicy, slightly caramelized taste.

As usual, it appears in the new BW-look and is once more of premium quality. Employees and customers are welcome to purchase this year’s harvest. The proceeds are donated for charitable purposes.

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