Two generations, two perspectives, one company

The Eisslers’ at BW

130 years of company history and experience in mechanical engineering; this is the balance BW can look back on in 2018. The Eisslers’ can proudly show 52 years of company affiliation by proving top-class teamwork.

Back in 1974 when Dieter Eissler started his apprenticeship at BW he probably never thought that his son would also be part of the BW team 30 years later. Michael Eissler decided at an early stage, that BURKHARDT+WEBER is likewise an interesting employer and challenging working environment for himself.

After his training in industrial mechanics at BW, he came back during his study on mechanical engineering, not only for the practical semester but also for writing his bachelor thesis.

Today he is deputy manager for Mechanical Design and R&D and celebrated his premiere as project leader for the new MCC series – a totally new developed series of machining centers – and all this before he turned 30.

„I was confronted with some quite tricky construction works at the very beginning of my career at BW. A great chance to prove myself, however a demanding task. My father’s long-time experience and his detailed knowledge on the products and the branch helped me a lot to cope with my responsibilities. “, recalls Michael Eissler. „The leading role in developing the MCC series was the biggest challenge in my career so far.

„The new generation, which Michael belongs to, digitizes, questions processes and brings a breeze of fresh air and dynamic into the company – and this is the only way to improve our products continuously and the results are truly impressive”, confirms Eissler senior.